Happy Birthday to my beloved Switzerland

Happy and proud August 1st dear students! It’s a very special day for our beloved Switzerland, especially in times like these. How are you celebrating today?

The Swiss National Day (German: Schweizer Bundesfeier) is the national holiday of Switzerland, set on August 1st. It is an official national holiday since 1994, although the day had been suggested for the celebration of the foundation of the Swiss Confederacy as early as 1889. The date is inspired by the date of the Federal Charter of 1291, Pacte du Grutli, placed in “early August”, when “three Alpine cantons swore the oath of confederation” (Schwiz, Uri and Nidwald), an action which later came to be regarded as the foundation of Switzerland.”

Original Artwork by: Artisticdesign.ch (www.artisticdesign.ch)


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